The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Chef in Your Life

Gifts are interesting things... if you get it for the right person, then they'll like it no matter what it is, because it's from you. That doesn't mean you can't get them a gift they'll actually love. We'll have suggestions for the best gifts for the indoor and outdoor chefs.


A thermometer is one of the best things that you can get any chef. Why? Because the people that enjoy cooking are the last people who'd wants to give their guests food poisoning. 

Maverick STAKE Remote BBQ Meat Thermometer for Sale at Barbecues GaloreMEATER+ Thermometer is the Best for Cooking Your Holiday Turkey

Barbecue Accessories

You can't go wrong with Big Boy accessories. Whether you're shopping for an indoor or outdoor cooking enthusiast, new shiny tools that they'll use all the time will be very much appreciated. Luckily for you, the Big Boy brand alone has all the kitchen and barbecue accessories that you'll need. Whether it's a high quality pizza stone, a burger press, or every day utensils, Big Boy will be happy to provide you with it all... even if he doesn't look like it.


Sauces & Spices

This one is pretty obvious. People that love to cook, love to experiment. Get them some sauces, spices, and rubs they've never tried before. We guarantee we've got something they'll love - especially because we only carry sauces and spices from brands that are either local or specialty.

For the Smokers

If you made it this far, you must be looking for what to get the smokers in your life. Sorry, we're not talking about cigarettes' or the Devil's lettuce... we're talking that grade A, full-of-flavour type of smoker. The one used to smoke a delicious beef brisket or pork belly. Here are the best gifts for those charcoal and pellet smokers:

Charcoal, Wood Chunks, & Pellets

We carry only the best charcoal, wood chunks, and pellets out there. How do we know we carry the best of the best? We know because our staff is full of avid grillers that use what we carry all the time. Competitive barbecue champions also purchase from us to win their competitions - and if our products are good enough for them, we promise it'll be good enough for whoever you're gifting it to. 


Charcoal Grill or Pellet Smoker

If your companion doesn't have a charcoal or pellet smoker (perhaps they only have a gas grill), believe us when we say they'll love a grill they can smoke their briskets on. Whether it be a ceramic Kamado Joe charcoal barbecue, a shiny Traeger pellet grill, or a Weber kettle, your food will never taste quite as good... it's really a gift for the both of you, if you think about it. 

Charcoal & Pellet Accessories 

They'll love to have some accessories to go with their smoker. For starters, check out our fire starters. Also look at Kamado Joe accessories, Yoder Thermal Jackets, or Big Green Egg ceramic Conveggtor
Big Boy Charcoal Wand at Barbecues GaloreKamado Joe Do Joe Pizza Accessories
There you have it - Barbecues Galore has everything a chef needs and then some because we're a Canadian barbecue store made by Canadian barbecue experts.

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