Kamado Style Barbecues - Not Just For Grilling!

The word ‘kamado’ is Japanese for ‘stove’ or ‘cooking range’, however it has become a widely used term for this style of charcoal barbecue. This is because aside from grilling, there are several other functions of a kamado style barbecue.


Whether it is the Broil King Keg, Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe, these barbecues can be used for grilling, smoking and baking. The difference between the methods is temperature, which is controlled by the amount of charcoal used and the adjusting of the dampers to control the airflow. Many people also use charcoal barbecues as a secondary barbecue for weekends, while using their gas grill during the week.  



These versatile charcoal barbecues can be used for all your regular grilling techniques such as searing steaks, cooking hamburgers and hot dogs or chicken breast. Typically items that require medium-high heat.





Perfect for low and slow cooking, the kamado-style barbecues have excellent heat control from their dampers and great heat retention. The heat of the charcoal sears the meat quickly to create a tasty, caramelized exterior with that cant-beat smoky flavour. Smoking with charcoal is an excellent cooking method for pork butts, shoulders, brisket or ribs. We could go on, but then you might start drooling.




Baking/ Roasting

The round shape of these barbecues is conducive to convection cooking. With the help of a ‘plate setter’ or ‘diffuser kit’, roasts and whole chickens can be cooked over indirect heat for even cooking and moister meats. They can also be used for baking breads, pizzas, cakes and pies.


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