Benefits of BBQ Side Burners

Side burners - loved by some, misunderstood by many.

Until you have used a side-burner and grown to appreciate all it can do for you, the benefits of a side burner on your barbecue will always remain elusive. Find out why you should consider a barbecue with a side burner the next go-round.


Benefits of Having A Side Burner

  • Maximize your time outside.
    • Unless you've got a Fitbit and are trying to maximize your step count, the side burner will be a major improvement on your efficiency.
    • With everything all in one place, you won't have to worry about food burning while you're inside or the pot boiling over while you're outside.
  • Anything you can cook on an indoor stove top element can be cooked on a barbecue side burner. Pot, pan, or wok, it can handle it.
  • Perfect for making side dishes or sauces while grilling. Make bacon for your burgers at the same time! 
  • Avoid heating up the house forcing your A/C to kick in less.
  • When the power goes out, you have a back up plan! 


Question: When we’re telling customers about the available features on a modern barbecue we often hear:  “What would I use one of those barbecue side burners for?”

Side Burner


Answer: Well…what do you use your stove for? It’ll probably be a pretty similar menu outside right?  The side burners on most barbecues are powerful enough to handle anything that you normally cook indoors. 

That said, most customers tell us they don’t use their side burners very often, and that they prefer to stick with what they know and use their indoor stove. Except for those whose barbecues are far from their kitchen – say at the cottage or poolside – and in those cases people say they love having the extra cooking capability of a side burner.


Infrared Side Burners

With the introduction of the Napoleon P500RSIB, the side burner was revolutionized! Now you have the ability to use your side burner to sear your steak! Infrared grilling is not a new phenomenon, it has been used many times over but this is by far the most creative and inventive application, yet!

Infrared Side Burner 

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