The Race: Big Green Egg vs Broil King Keg

Which charcoal barbecue is better you ask? Well we pitted the Big Green Egg vs Broil King Keg and here are the results. In the spirit of our NASCAR we decided to ‘race’ two barbecues. In particular we were curious if the brand new, "Broil King Keg" could keep up with the legendary “Big Green Egg”. We measured the temperature of the interior using the cookers’ indigenous thermometer. We measured the temperature of the cooking surface using a Maverick laser (“look out – he’s got a laser”) thermometer.

Grillers, start your charcoal...

Barbecue full of Charcoal
We loaded both machines with four pounds of “Wicked Good” lump charcoal. We used four fire-starter sticks to ignite the charcoal.
The Keg is heating up faster
Off the line, the Broil King Keg was way out in front – it was at 600 degrees F in ten minutes! After 30 minutes: BKK is at 750 degrees on its thermometer, 845 on its cooking surface. BGE is 475 degrees on its thermometer and 545 on its cooking surface. Looks like BKK’s got the lead for keeps...


The Keg is still Beating the Egg with a hotter temperature

After 60 minutes: BKK is maxed out on its thermometer (800 plus) and its cooking surface is at 990! Most gas barbecues don’t even get that hot. I think we could have started shoeing horses with the thing. BGE is at 525 on its thermometer and the cooking surface is at 720. Respectable but way behind the leader.

The Egg is losing more heat than the Keg

Interestingly, we measured the temperature of the outer housing of both units. The BKK was at 120 – just warm to the touch – the BGE was at 260. My logic tells me that this means that the BKK is losing a lot less heat.

Both the Keg and the Egg are amazing charcoal Barbecues
So, what does this all mean? Maybe nothing; as the ladies know, it’s not all about speed. However, there’s no denying that the Broil King Keg gets hot enough to grill anything you’d want and retains a huge amount of the heat it creates. Definitely worth a look if you’re considering that type of bbq.
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