Turkey Fryer Troubleshooting

• Do not stuff turkeys you plan on frying, it just doesn't work.

• Be sure to measure for the amount of oil you'll need BEFORE you marinate or bread the turkey.

• Immediately wash hands, utensils, equipment and surfaces that have come in contact with raw turkey to avoid cross contamination.

• Keep an eye on the time, fried turkeys cook quickly. It only take about 3 minutes per pound. Overcooking is one of the biggest mistakes beginners make. We should know, we cooked our first turkey so much the outside was charred completely black. Surprisingly, the meat inside the burnt shell was still delicious, so know that if you make this mistake, all may not be lost.

• Consume cooked turkey immediately and store leftovers in the refrigerator within two hours of cooking.

• Never leave the hot oil unattended. • Don't allow children or pets near the cooking area.

• Allow oil to cool completely before disposing or storing it. • Just to repeat – don’t EVER try this inside.  That would just be stupid.


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