FAQ Cleaning Cooking Grills


How do I clean the cooking grills on my barbecue?

Brass Barbecue Brush with Wooden Handle


There are a few of us around here who consider cleaning a barbecue unlucky – sort of like washing your hockey equipment.  There are others of us – with wives mostly – who realize that everything needs to be cleaned occasionally.  However, it’s not something we’re overly excited about so we do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In the case of cooking grills here’s what you do:  turn the heat on your barbecue WAY up and put the lid down.  Wait ten minutes.  Take a brass or stainless steel bristled brush (both brass and stainless steel are soft enough metals to pose no threat to your porcelain coated cooking grills) and scrub the hell out of your grills.  Put the lid back down.  Wait another ten minutes and turn your barbecue off.  Scrub again.  If you want to get the other side of your grills clean, flip them over (when cool to the touch) and repeat the procedure.  You can put any high quality cooking grill in a self cleaning oven or dishwasher but the above procedure is quicker, easier and just as effective.

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