Tipster: Buy a BBQ that is built to last

Here’s a green tip from the barbecue world:  buy a barbecue that is built to last.  And, better yet, buy a barbecue that is manufactured in North America if possible.  As with many products these days, a huge portion of the carbon footprint is created through shipping and the eventual disposal of the product.  A complete barbecue thrown in the landfill takes a considerable amount of space and isn’t the most compostable item around.  Ask yourself what’s better for the environment:  buying a $200 barbecue every four years or buying one barbecue for $350 that will last for ten or more years?  Cheap, cheap barbecues are just not built to last.  In our industry, the axiom of “you get what you pay for” is amazingly consistent.  If you’re looking to save money, save by avoiding features that you aren’t positive you need (side burner? Rotisserie burner?).

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