Tipster: Brine your Bird

Brine your bird.  The latest buzzword in the barbecue world is “brining”.  Trust me: everybody’s doing it.  The brine is basically a flavourful, saltwater solution that locks moisture into your grilled meats.  It apparently (and I have to say “apparently” here because I haven’t actually tried this yet.  I will though.  Of course I will.  It’s on my list.  Hey, I’ve been busy ok?!  Oh, and I suppose you’ve tried everything you’ve ever written about at work have you?  Ok then.  Now, where was I?  Oh yeah...).  It apparently increases the juiciness of your roast meats and adds a perfect level of saltiness.  About the easiest brining instructions for a turkey we’ve run across are from Weber.  Check it out at:
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