Converting Your Barbecue To Natural Gas

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Dear Dr. M,

Long time reader, first time caller.

We have a natural gas barbecue but we’re moving to a new house that does not have a convenient gas connection in the backyard where we want our barbecue. Can we convert our barbecue to use propane?


Ken D. Gassey


Hi Ken,

You’ve got two options:

1.) convert your barbecue from natural gas to propane, or

2.) have a gas line installed in your backyard where you want it.

Both are possible but really, option #2 is the way you should go. Natural gas is clean, cheap and, at current pace of discovery and consumption will last the human race for approximately five xillion years. Our licensed gas fitters are standing by like a SWAT team after a triple espresso; ready, willing and able to install a gas line that works for you.

Doctor McGrillemup

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