RV Connections


Hi Doc,

We are in the witness protection program (long story) and travel with our RV a lot. We'd like to plug a portable barbecue right into the quick disconnect in the RV but can't figure it out. Can you help?


S. Kwatch

RV hose and fitting connection hose


Dear S,

We get that question a lot around here. The challenge is that the gas flow in an RV is regulated at the tank once already. So, if you plug a portable barbecue with an existing regulator into that system it will be doubly-regulated and will not have enough pressure to work.

So, you need to use the Broil King Porta Chef barbecues as they have a regulator that can be easily removed. Then you replace the original hose with a gas hose and a female quick disconnect that can plug into your existing RV system. Easy. We've got all the gear to keep you travelling.


Doctor M.