Jojo's BBQ

Jody had an old RV and a dream. Now Jody is the kingpin ("queenpin"?) of a thriving barbecue enterprise on wheels that churns out some tasty, lip-smackin' barbecued food. "Jojo's" barbecue is parked in our Calgary North parking lot on a regular basis and, at times, the lineup snakes down the block. We thought we'd ask Jody a few questions about barbecue...

How did you get into the barbecued food business?

Jody: I was the opening chef for Calgary's Palomino restaurant in 2005. Before we opened we toured Tennessee eating nothing but barbecue. Shortly after I took an intensive smoking workshop and ever since then I've been hooked.

What is it about slow-smoked barbecue that you love?

Jody: I've always been a big fan of smoked foods like bacon. I soon realized how low-and-slow cooking renders the tasty fat into the meat and produces the amazing, smoky, tender flavour.

What is your go-to barbecue recipe?

Jody: I'm a rib girl. I use a mash-up of different barbecue styles including Texas, Tennessee and the Carolinas. My rub is a combination of flavours that I love including cinnamon and ginger. My finishing sauce is also a mix of styles and uses both mayo and vinegar.

When you're not in your bbq-wagon and you're cooking at home, what kind of barbecue do you use?

Jody: You know, I don't even know the brand of barbecue I have...(editor's note: the interview process came off the rails here a bit as I explained to Jody the importance of 'brand' and hardware in the entire cooking process. After about ten minutes or so of being harangued, I think she realized how important it is - at least to us barbecue retailers.)

What's the biggest challenge in running your barbecue food truck?

Jody: I'm usually all by myself in the trailer so; if it needs to get done, I'm going to have to do it. It's incredibly physical work and very time consuming. Lugging around hundreds of pounds of meat all by myself is a real workout. I've never worked so hard in my life - and yet, I tell my friends, I've never been so rewarded.

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