Grill Cheese Tip

Of course, we all know that we can use a huge variety of cheeses to put something or something that we've grilled, but how often do you grill cheese all by itself? You should. It's easy and it's delicious. You need a hard, salty cheese that will retain its shape when it's subjected to the high heat of the grill. Maybe the most famous example of this is halloumi from Cyprus.

Assemble your ingredients. We've been using a fresh cow's milk cheese from a new Calgary company named "Fresk-O" that grills beautifully and tastes fantastic. Check them out here.

Slice cheese and toss with lemon juice, olive oil and some oregano.


Grill over a medium-hot fire (too hot and your cheese will melt) for about five minutes. Serve to your eternally grateful friends and family. This is a great addition to a sandwich or salad but is also fully capable of being the main protein you serve with dinner. Try it.

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