Giblet Tip

My grandma used to love eating the turkey neck at Christmas. She'd stake a claim to it early on Christmas day. "I'll be having the neck", she'd say. Ok, grandma, whatever. You go ahead and have the neck - we'll eat the real food. (Grew up in the depression my grandma, her favourite trick as a hostess was serving horsemeat and not telling anyone until after dinner. Lots of laughs). Anyway, this year, when you're up to your elbow in raw turkey and you're thinking to yourself: "Why do they take the guts out of the turkey, clean it all up and then re-insert some - but not all - of the innards back into the turkey in a plastic bag?", I want you to take a few minutes and think about those amongst us that are less fortunate. That's right, I'm talking about your dog. So, if you're the kind of person that removes the little bag of giblets (LOVE that word!) from the raw turkey, makes a little 'yuck' sound and then throws the bag in the garbage, stop for a minute, throw the innards on the barbecue grill, cook for three minutes per side and then serve to your loyal canine companion. Trust me on this, you can keep your "Hand Rolled Organic Kamut and Tofu Dog Treats"; what your dog really wants for Christmas is some grilled turkey kidneys.

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