Cook Christmas Dinner Outside

Ok, here's the tip: look outside. That's right, look outside. See that black thing on the deck that's covered in snow? That's your key to a successful Christmas. That grilling machine that you're probably planning on ignoring until April, can turn your Christmas-frown upside down. That's because a barbecue is a perfect place to cook your holiday turkey. Thereby freeing up a load of room inside for all the vegetables and stuff that need to stay warm (even though nobody really eats that stuff when there's turkey to be had). In fact, I'd argue (strongly), that a turkey cooked in a barbecue tastes better than one cooked inside. Whether you dry-brine, wet-brine, cold-smoke, hot-smoke, turkey cannon, rotisserie or just plain 'roast' your turkey outside -- it's going to taste better than its inside cousin. So...get the snow off your barbecue, heat the thing up for 15 minutes and get that bird outside.

Try one of these recipes for this years Christmas feast!

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