Real Hearts

Real Hearts - Ah, February. It’s a time for love, it’s a time for chocolate, it’s a time for hearts. Real, actual, blood-pumping hearts. Now, before you have images of Montezuma flashing through your mind, or Bon Jovi and his leather pants singing, “Shot through the heart etc”, just give this some thought. Have you ever eaten a heart? You might come from a family that fights over the organs at a turkey dinner. You might have grown up on dishes like liver and onions or tripe, and all of these things might gross you out. Or, you might love them. Either way, the heart isn’t that common of an organ to indulge in. But why not? The heart isn’t like other organs, it’s lean and meaty, but doesn’t have that offal (or awful – either one works) flavour that so many other organs can have. It’s cheap (you’re looking at single digit prices for a whole, organic beef heart). It’s versatile. It’s perfect for those who want to switch it up on the grill and, SO romantic… So much better than a chocolate heart, right? Right.

Beef Heart

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