With the holidays fast approaching, we have a few tips and tricks for a great barbecued turkey. From turkey fryers, turkey cannons and rotisseries to brine kits and recipes for cranberry-apple chutney we've got you covered. Cook your turkey on the barbecue (or turkey fryer) this year. You'll thank yourself - and us - later. One of the benefits, other than a tastier bird, is that you free up the oven for other foods.

Barbecued Turkey Cooking Methods:

1. Turkey Cannon


The Campchef Turkey Cannon allows you to infuse flavour and moisture into your holiday bird. Simply fill the chamber with juice, sprite, wine or whatever tickles your fancy. Gently slide the turkey's cavity over the chamber and place in a roasting pan on the barbecue using indirect heat. Can also be used in the oven.      

2. Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt Propane Turkey Fryer

For a crispy exterior and moist, delicious, lip-smacking turkey, the turkey fryer is your guy. Our Turkey Frying Recipe will provide you with a step-by-step instruction on how to fry the perfect turkey. Some things to keep in mind when deep-frying your turkey:

  • Don't stuff the bird - just don't. It doesn't work out well.
  • Takes approximately 3 minutes per pound, but always keep an eye on it. From a distance. Hot oil burns. Trust us.
  • Do not use the turkey fryer indoors - in fact it should be several feet away from the house.

3. Turkey on the Rotisserie

    barbecued turkey on rotisserie

    As long as you ensure the turkey is evenly balanced on your rotisserie rod, this is one of the easiest way to barbecue your turkey. Especially if you have a rear rotisserie burner. Using a rotisserie will guarantee even cooking the whole way through. It is still possible to stuff the turkey before putting it on the spit. A counter balance or butcher's twine help with keeping the bird right where you want it.  

    4. Roast Rack

    Barbecued Turkey on a Roast Rack

    Roasting your turkey is another option but will require a lot more attention than any other method. You will have to flip and turn the turkey regularly so that no parts get more cooked than the others. It can be done directly on the grill or with the help of a roast rack. Our Barbecue-Roasted Turkey recipe will give you great direction.      

    Flavouring Your Turkey

    1. Brining

    Brine is a tasty, salt water concoction that leaves your turkey moist and tender. Leave your meats juicier and just the right saltiness.

    2. Injectors

    Injecting your turkey with sauces add moisture and flavour especially if you plan on deep frying your turkey. For some great turkey injecting marinades check out our recipes section.

    3. Barbecued Cranberry Apple Chutney 

    This tasty little side dish will add a burst of flavour to your holiday turkeys. No matter which cooking method you choose, even if it's letting your Mother-In-Law cook it, it will always taste good with a little dollop of this chutney.

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