How To Prevent Barbecue Flare Ups


Dear Dr. McGrillemup,

I keep getting flare-ups on my grill, and my wife says it’s because I don’t clean the barbecue enough. I told her that the heat burns away all the crud in there and it’s not anything to worry about.

Please tell me I’m right so I don’t have to let her pick on our next movie night (something about a Gatsby, with music and dancing, and a bunch of other lameness).


Jerry Flamin

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Dear Mr. Flamin,

I’ll give you the bad news first: you’re wrong.

The good news: The Great Gatsby is actually a pretty good movie. You should clean the grates with a wire brush regularly (every time it’s used), and remove the grates periodically to get rid of bigger food particles or baked-on gunk.

Leaving it on the charcoal, briquettes, or metal plates can cause smoking, flare-ups, or even a disruption in the flow of gas.

Take care,

Dr. McGrillemup

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