What Is A Tandoor Oven?

Behold… the blessed tandoor. The oven that is responsible for all sorts of deliciousness, including tandoori chicken (there’s a shocker, eh?), samosas, chicken tikka, and, perhaps our favourite: naan bread.        
This incredible cooking device is basically made of magic. It heats to a ridiculous temperature, and then all of the fat and flavour of whatever is being cooked drips down and then everything gets all smoky and obscenely, crazily, drool-inducing delicious. Mmm… fooooooood.
Now unless you want to live off of takeout for the rest of your life, you might want to get yourself a tandoor oven. You can buy gas and electric ones, which are, of course, mildly less traditional looking than their ancient counterparts, but are also just a wee bit easier to use and maintain.
Unless you’re a total tandoor pro and you opt for the traditional tandoor oven. If so, please send some beautiful tandoor-cooked goodies our way. Anything will do. Anything, really.  
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Apparently you can “make your own” tandoor oven. We don’t know about you, but this seems a little too DIY for our liking. Oscar the Grouch especially wouldn’t like it, as you’d be straight-up taking his home away for your own selfish tandoor oven needs. Sure, Jamie Oliver, you’re cool, but stealing a home from Sesame Street is pretty damn cruel.  
If your heart is feeling good and empty and you’re in the mood for a project, check out Oliver’s how-to here. 
If you do, in fact, have a soul and would still like to try your hand at building a tandoor oven, here’s a simpler version from Food 52.
Now we’ve gotta say: we’re curious if one could use the inside of a Big Green Egg or similar grill like a tandoor oven. Give it a try and let us know if it worked. If it does, awesome! If not, we take no responsibility for your failure.