All NEW in 2022: Weber Genesis

Introducing the NEW Weber Genesis 2022 smart grill, which has been proclaimed as the best grilling innovation in decades. Just to preview some of it's capabilities: you can roast, bake, steam, even stir-fry; and we haven't even begun to talk about the new WEBER CONNECT smart technology. After reading our take on this exciting innovation in an already championed lineup, you'll probably be thinking the only thing these grills can't do is buy your groceries for you.


Base Model Features

Starting with the features of the base model: the Genesis E-325. With a beautiful cast enamel exterior and a new taller lid that allows for a larger rotisserie diameter (up to 10") so you can slow roast in style. That's not the only thing that got bigger, you'll also get 35% more space on your side shelves as well. This base model also comes with six tool hooks. So, first they added space and now they've allowed you to save space. You'll never have to worry about running back and forth from the house because you don't have enough space to bring everything outside with you! Remember, that's just the base three-burner model with the enamel exterior. You can also get the larger four-burner model, and each model is also available in stainless steel. See below for available models.

Let's look under the hood now. When you lift that heavy lid like it's nothing, you'll think this barbecue gives you super powers. Unfortunately, it's not your super strength kicking in, it's just their perfectly balanced lid and Meta-T-Bar working the way they intended. 

Now that you've raised the lid, you'll notice the expandable top cooking grate that provides you with even more cook capacity. Look a little lower and you'll notice the 1/3 and 2/3 grate design. This is where things get exciting. No, they didn't mistake the measurements - that right side of the grill with the 2/3rds cooking grid can be replaced with the ALL NEW Weber CRAFTED design.

Weber CRAFTED Design

"What's that?", you eagerly ask. Well, let us tell you, our young Padawan. With the NEW Weber Crafted design, you can become a barbecue Jedi! The grill grate allows you to perfectly fit your wok or pot so that you can do ALL your cooking outdoors. We already mentioned you can roast, bake, steam, stir-fry, smoke, and so much more right on your Weber Genesis. So sear that steak and stir fry your accompanying vegetables at the same time and have all of your food cooked and ready to be served at the same time. No more sacrificing certain portions of your dinner to cool down to room temperature while only the last thing you cooked is fresh and hot.  

Your next thought might be, "Where do I put my original grill grate if I'm replacing it with the Crafted grid?" On the side of the barbecue, of course. There are two conveniently placed hooks on the right side, under the side shelf and out of your way, to hang your grill grate. This may not seem like much, but after you've enjoyed cooking on your Weber Genesis for years, those grills are bound to be a little greasy. Also, to never have to leave that on your side shelf, which takes up ALL your space, or have to place it on the grass, or lean it against your house... let's just say we're a lot happier with the Crafted Storage. 

Did someone say "superior storage options?" The NEW Genesis will have your large inserts fit in a sleekly hidden side storage cabinet. There's even a tray to place your thermometer, probes, or whatever else you want to put there. The wider 4-burner models have enough space for you to store your propane tank, your wok, AND large inserts. You know what they say: quality is king. They never seem to tell you "convenience is also king" because that makes all the difference in a truly valuable product. 


Weber Connect

Speaking of increased value, the Weber Connect smart grill technology will really make this the best purchase you've ever made (as if you weren't already convinced before). With the Weber Connect, you'll receive real-time food temperature alerts along with food-safe recommendations. And if that wasn't enough, you'll get a much quicker and easier digital on-boarding experience with a nice reward of a smoother user experience while you try 200+ brand new recipes. 

Now that you know how amazing we think the NEW Weber Genesis 2022 lineup is, we just hope that you take away one point after all of this: Weber is doing more than just allowing you to do all your cooking outdoors, they're changing the whole concept of what you can do with a barbecue. In a few years when everyone cooks more on a barbecue than in their kitchen, just remember: it all started with the Genesis


All NEW in 2022 Weber Genesis by Barbecues Galore


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