Ember Members Save $25 When They Spend $250 on Charcoal and Pellets


Ember Members assemble! You get $25 of free credit when you spend $250 on charcoal or pellets. We'll even keep track of how much you've spent on charcoal and pellets so you don't have to. This deal is available in all five of our stores across Canada. And the best part: anyone can be an Ember Member with no sign up, no fees, pretty much no effort - it's really that easy. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right? Yup, we agree. Click here to check out our promotion page.



 If you're a beginner to barbecuing you might not know about the mouth-watering uses of charcoal or pellets yet, but that's alright because we're here to help (welcome to the coolest barbecuing community by the way!). Let's start with charcoal. Using charcoal as your heat source, instead of gas, will give your meat that rich and smoky taste all of us meat-eaters love. Also, charcoal produces much more head and burns much cleaner, which makes it ideal for cooking foods. And it doesn't end there. Charcoal has different flavours like rich and sweet hickory or earthy oak that us barbecue enthusiasts crave... I'm not drooling... you are... 



Moving on to wood pellets. Using pellets have a lot of benefits and are often the first choice for new barbecuers because they tend to be both inexpensive and cleaner when it comes to producing ash. Additionally, pellets tend to burn more evenly, leaving the newbie with less variables to manage. All of these factors put together makes it a better choice when you're in the experimenting stages of your barbecuing journey.

So now you know the differences between charcoal and wood pellets and the benefits of each. Now it's time to pick the brand you love. Here at Barbecues Galore, we tend to love the Buffalo Charcoal because it comes in Hickory, Oak, and Mesquite. As for pellets, we like Jack Daniel's whisky because it has that lovable Tennessee punch to it. However, with everything being said, a veteran pitmaster will discover their own mixture of charcoal and wood pellets to create their signature flavour, but they only get there after years of experimenting and mastering the dark arts of grilling (you'll get there too one day, don't worry!).

Buy in-store at any of our 5 locations across Canada. We've got two in Calgary, Alberta (North Location & South Location), as well as three across the Greater Toronto Area: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario.


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