Get Your Gas BBQ Ready For Spring

I know what you're thinking - WHY are we talking about prepping our barbecues so soon?

Well, spring is officially here (we say with anxiety-ridden anticipation for the always possible snowfall tomorrow). Plus who wants to eat off a barbecue with last year's gunk on it?

Here are simple steps to getting your barbecue ready to roll.

First thing's first - be prepared. Soap and water will work for cleaning, but not as efficiently as a cleaner and degreaser made specially for barbecues. Find a formula that works on your type of grill: stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, and the list goes on (some formulas will work on multiple surfaces). Do not use oven cleaner, as this could damage your grill. You'll also need cleaning tools:

  • Grill brush, sponge, paper towels, bucket and a clean rag are a good start. Find all your tools here

To start, do a leak check. Hoses can crack over the winter or become loose if not used for some time. Starting at the farthest end from the barbecue, use soap and water on the hose and watch for bubbles. Bubbles are a sign of a leak. If you see a leak, the hose should then be tightened, if the bubbles are at the connecting point, or replaced.  

Now it's time to clean. A good start is to work your way from the inside-out. Start with cleaning the grates and burners. Using soapy water and a brush, start brushing away burnt-on food, cob webs, debris, or any other unwanted pieces. Cleaning away any parts of the burners that may be clogged will help encourage max performance. Avoid the "burning off" method at the beginning.

Don't forget the drip trays. The trays can be taken out and wiped down easily. Do not line the trays with aluminum foil, because although you save cleaning time, the aluminum can be a fire hazard. For the catch tray (under the drip tray), you can purchase aluminum lining pans designed for your model of barbecue here, to make cleanup easier. 

Lastly, wipe down the inner lid and get the outside nice and shiny. For more in-depth info on cleaning and maintaining your barbecue stop by one of our stores in Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke and Calgary, Alberta or give us a call. We have lots of tools, toys and accessories to get the job done.


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