Giving "Durability" a Whole New Beauty: How Crown Verity Withstood a Hurricane

Despite the misfortune of Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamian people have showed great resiliency to bounce back from a devastation that we couldn't imagine. On September 1, 2019, the most powerful storm to hit the Bahamas in recorded history arrived. Graciously, Bill, the founder and CEO of Crown Verity headed to the effected areas to help the locals retrieve their belongings from the rubble and Atlantic ocean. Within the contents of what was salvaged were Crown Verity grills that were once used in the local restaurants... and still usable after going through Hurricane Dorian.

Giving Durability a Whole new Definition How Crown Verity Withstood Hurricane

Eight Crown Verity Grills and their heavy gauge stainless steel bodies were found, and for the most part kept their shape. If it were another grill by another brand, the barbecues likely wouldn't have survived because of two reasons. First, the salt water and humid climate would erode away at grills without Crown Verities iconic complete anti-rust stainless steel construction. Secondly, not many brands can live up to the build quality that Crown Verity provides.

Of course, the grills weren't without their scars. Just a few replacement parts and elbow grease got them up and running again. This story doesn't end there. With Bill and the team's ability to quickly repair the grills to their original state, hundreds of disaster relief workers and volunteers were able to eat each day.

Without the need to say it, it's obvious that this feat for Crown Verity doesn't compare to the devastating event of Hurricane Dorian. It is, however, a small, and frankly impressive win that helps get the ball rolling into rebuilding the beautiful community to it's previous vibrancy. That's the real beauty of durability.

Giving Durability a Whole new Definition How Crown Verity Withstood Hurricane

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