Griddles, Are They Worth It?


If you're looking to become a barbecue pit-master or a domestic chef, you've probably wondered if a griddle for your barbecue is worth getting. We're here to tell you that it absolutely is. A griddle is an easy way to fuse breakfast foods on your grill in your morning routine. Want steak and eggs? Griddle. Want bacon on your burger? Griddle. Do we even have to mention chicken and waffles? Griddle.

Weber Cast Iron Griddle from Barbecues Galore

Adding a griddle to your barbecue opens up new recipes and new cooking methods on your grill. If you're feeling ambitious, a griddle can give you the freedom to start creating unique food combinations. For starters, you can use pancakes as buns for your burger. Or maybe put some homemade bacon on your steak with some Kosmos Q Apple Butter BBQ Sauce drizzled on the top, so you can get all the salty, sweet, and umami flavours in a single flavour-blasting bite. Not only is it clear that the versatility is endless, the griddle is also extremely practical.

Unless you're in a random small town that has somehow become strictly carnivorous (we're praying you never confuse that with "cannibalistic"), you'll likely have at least a few roasted vegetables at your next family barbecue. The practicality of having the griddle on top of your main cooking space or side burner will save you the hassle of having to cook non-grillable foods inside your house (who wants to go back and forth?). 

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If you're the type to "go big or go home" and a cast iron griddle just doesn't do it for you, check out the Brander Two Burner Chuckwagon, and Brander All Burner Chuckwagon griddles. They provide a ton of value, grill space, and run directly off a propane tank. A great option for everyone looking for a some versatility in their cooking - especially during summer or team/club celebratory breakfasts.


Brander Chuckwagon Griddle Barbecue from Barbecues Galore


So, are griddles worth it? In our humble opinion, we absolutely think so. Due to the versatility and practicality they'll provide to you as someone who likes to get a little creative as a cook, a tool like a simple griddle will go a long way for you.

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