Grilling Hack: Napoleon Universal Rotisserie Basket

Napoleon 64000 Universal Rotisserie Basket

Hey You! The one with the rotisserie kit. The one looking to get the most out of their barbecue space. Sound like you?

Rotisseries are great, really they are, but the problem is most people get one in the box with their BBQ, and have no idea how to cook with it. We get the question "What do I do with this?" More often than you can imagine.

We get it, rotisserie chicken, roasts and even rotisserie pineapple are the bomb, but for the everyday griller, you may not want to put the time in to a roast, or you're a little intimidated by roasting a whole chicken.

*The Napoleon Rotisserie Grill Basket has entered the chat*

Napoleon Rotisserie Grill Basket - P500

The Napoleon Rotisserie Grill Basket is designed to fit most hexagonal and square rotisserie rods, meaning it works on almost any rotisserie rod, not just Napoleons.

This easy to use add-on accessory is the perfect grilling hack to get the most out of your barbecue rotisserie. Some easy to grill ideas that you could use on your very own rotisserie basket include:

  • Chicken wings & chicken thighs (On a rotisserie? I know, we're insane)
  • Potato wedges or fries 
  • Mixed vegetables (The perfect secondary grill space for those plant based people in your life)
  •  Even Ribs!

"Sounds great, but what about the rest of my grill?"

That's the beauty of it, you're already grilling those chicken wings, or your sides, and you haven't even touched any of your primary grilling space! Not only does this grill basket give you some added versatility, it also completely opens up your primary grilling space for other adventures.

Whether it's MORE wings for Superbowl Sunday, preparing some steaks to go with those roasted vegetables, or some nice slabs of salmon to go with the chips currently turning in the basket, the options are seemingly endless.

Post Rotisserie Basket Chicken Wings | Barbecues Galore

Next thing you know, you've got some pretty delicious wings on your hands, and you didn't even touch an inch of your primary grilling space. 

Great for Christmas and birthday gifts alike, these tumbling grilling hacks are available both online and in-store. Stop by any of our five locations across Canada. We have three locations across the GTA: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario. Two locations in Alberta at our Calgary North and Calgary South locations.