How Do You Spell BBQ?

A simple Google search will show you how creative us humans can get with a keyboard. From both an SEO perspective and a worldview preference we have noticed that there is definitely more than 10 ways to spell, pronounce and scream BARBECUE.

First things first – our personal favourite: Barbecue (s)

  • Pair “Galore” at the end and it just rolls off the tongue/fingers, doesn't it?
  • The "Barbecue" spelling gained its popularity in the 20th century and has gone relatively unchallenged since, but maybe it is less common nowadays?

For our history buffs, we assume you spell it: Barbacoa

  • Originating in the 18th century and adapted by the Spanish from Caribbean natives.

Other 18th century favourites include:

  • Barbacue
  • Barbicu
  • Borbecue
  • And Barbicue – as recorded by George Washington in 1773


We’ve seen some funny, creative and questionable variations: 
  •  Barbeque
  •  Bar-B-Q – This spelling popped up in the 1920’s. It was shortened to this economical version for business owners. But ultimately it was shortened down even further to:
  •  BBQ – for the all-around laid-back folk. Simple, to the point and not wasting time spelling when you could be grilling.
  • Lastly - Barby – we love our Australian outbackers

However you say it, however you pronounce it, despite “modern” grammar and spelling, we just hope you that you are eating it.

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