How To Fix Your Propane Tank in 6 Easy Steps

Having issues with grilling on your propane barbecue? Be sure it's not just a tripped propane tank before you decide to get a new grill. Follow our 6 easy steps to burp a propane tank with a tripped regulator and potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars

Your propane tank "trips" when there's a sudden change in pressure or gas flow through the valve, which can normally happen if you turn your propane tank on too quickly. This is a safety mechanism built into the regulator that is meant to stop potential gas leaks. Lucky for you, there is an easy way to fix, or "burp", your propane tank so you can go back to enjoying the barbecue. 

Click here to watch our expert, Mike, walk you through the process. 

how to fix propane tank by barbecues galore

If you're old fashioned like us and would rather read how to fix your propane tank instead of watching a video, keep reading. 


Step 1: Turn all the burner knobs on your barbecue to their OFF positions. 

Step 2: Make sure your propane tank valve is also turned to the OFF position. 

Step 3: Remove the hose from the propane tank. At this point, you may hear a little "hissing" sound - this sound is your propane tank getting "burped".

Step 4: Put the hose back on after the "hissing" noise goes away. 

Step 5: Wait for 30 seconds.

Step 6: SLOWLY open the valve on your propane tank - we suggest about a quarter turn every 1-2 seconds.

You may have to do this a couple times so don't fret if your barbecue still doesn't work on the first try. After a few tries, your tripped regulator on your propane tank should be working again. If your tank is still not working yet, there may be another issue with your regulator or barbecue. In this case, please come visit our experts at one of our five locations across Canada.  

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