It's Not Paint - It's Carbon!

Every Spring we get a boatload of phone calls from people worried about the 'paint flaking off the inside of their barbecue lid'. It's not paint. It's a crusty build up of grease, smoke and soot that you can clean off using a grill cleaner, a scrubber and some good old fashioned elbow grease. No, I know you don't believe it. Yes, we know it looks like flaking paint, It's not. Trust us...

Paint Flaking On Inside of Barbecue Lid - It's not paint!

The Science

The residue from the oil, grease and smoke your barbecue generates settles on the inside of your lid creating a build up. In short - it's carbon.

After awhile that stuff gets brittle and starts to wander down from the inside of the lid towards your burgers.  Some degreaser and an hour or two of scrubbing will make it go away.  

Barbecue FAQs - Why is the paint flaking in my lid? | Barbecues Galore


To prevent this from happening, using an oven mitt for protection, wipe the inside of the lid with a damp rag or paper towel after cooking every once in a while. Frequency will depend on your frequency of use.


OF NOTE: At Barbecues Galore we do not sell any barbecues that have paint on the inside of the lid so, if you got your barbecue from us, it can't be paint. The roasting hoods on the barbecues we carry use a baked on enamel coating that will not disintegrate inside your barbecue.

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