NIKU Farms - An Ontario Subscription Business Delivering Ethically Raised Meat from Local Ontario Farms

Last weekend our Barbecues Galore Etobicoke location staff and customers were greeted by the sweet aroma of locally farmed meat. 

Jake from NIKU Farms  and Big Green Egg joined us out front to ring in the good weather and educate customers on the effects and benefits of buying local. 

With BBQ season fast approaching, we partnered with NIKU Farms to get you a discount for your first delivery. Get 20% off your first delivery when you use the code NIKUBBQ 

NIKU Farms, an online farmers market of curated and packaged meats, are just like our best grilling customers - they are conscious consumers who enjoy cooking up a juicy burger at a reasonable price whenever they feel like it, therefore convenience is key. NIKU Farms helps simplify your meat buying process by hand-picking the best farms that raise animals the right way, and sending a curated package directly to your door. So you can make sound purchases that are better for the environment and for your family. 

The team behind NIKU Farms, Jake Goldberg and Luke Armstrong, are on a mission to provide everyone in our community with easy access to high quality, healthy and responsibly raised food, and are doing so by sticking to their high standards for partnering farms: Ethically Raised, Honest Farmers, 100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef, and Pasture Raised

"We are committed to the highest animal welfare standards and are focused on providing full traceability and transparency," - NIKU Farms 

They focus on supporting local small-scale farmers in Ontario who raise their animals the natural way: on pasture and free from antibiotics, added hormones, and GMOs and by offering them a better return, so that they can make a living. The average farmer only makes 16 cents for every retail dollar, but partner farmers receive about three times as much. 

In the fight to fix a broken system of butchering and farming, NIKU Farms have also combated waste and packaging by opting away from styrofoam and using 100% curbside recyclables and biodegradable gel packs. Currently, they are testing solutions in the U.S. for full biodegradable insulated liners for their membership boxes. 

"A membership with NIKU Farms is a lifestyle decision," Jake explained. Customers can treat themselves to  a membership plan and box every 2, 4, or 6 weeks, and know that they are receiving their package directly from a local farm.

"The farms that we partner with do not use any industrial practices or house the animals in confined spaces. All animals are cared for by farmers who focus on their health and well being to ensure quality and nourishment of the meat they are providing."

The farmers working with NIKU Farms guarantee all beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. that cattle is raised completely on pasture, free to roam and graze naturally, and fed a diet of pesticide free grass. Also that they never fed grain, antibiotics, or added hormones and poultry and pigs are also supplemented with non-GMO feed.

Try their Large Subscription box for big family gatherings and their BBQ Sampler box for premium steak, burgers and sausages.With a membership plan, you can change up the farm and package you will receive as often as you’d like, and you can always pause, skip, or cancel at any time. Membership option also includes free shipping on every delivery.

"I’m definitely one of those guys who barbecues all winter long! I only use a charcoal grill when barbecuing. I like the Weber Performance Deluxe. It’s easy to get the coals going, and it makes the meat taste amazing." - Jake Goldberg 


A one-time box is a great way to get a sense of the quality of the meat our partners offer, but a subscription box is a great way to ensure that you’ll always have high-quality, pasture-raised meat on hand for any meal.




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