Top Pizza Party Essentials

Everyone knows homemade pizza is the best kind of pizza. Sure, you might "char" it a little too much on the first try, but that's part of the memories you'll make with the kiddos. Soon enough, the whole family will be pizza pros; but first, here are the Pizza Party Essentials you'll need for your backyard pizzeria.

Pizza Oven

The first, and most obvious, thing you'll need is something to cook your delicious pizza pies in. Here are the most popular options we carry (click any image):

Gozney Dome


 The Gozney Dome provides double the fire power of your average pizza oven with its propane and wood-fueled capabilities. The dual fuel function gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to efficiency and wood-fired taste.


Gozney Roccbox

Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven

 Get your restaurant-grade pizza right in your backyard with the popular Gozney Roccbox. With retractable legs and detachable burner, you can easily take the pizza fun to wherever it needs to be.


Alfa Moderno

Alfa Moderno Portable Pizza Oven

 Not a whole lot of space beside your other grills? Get the Alfa Moderno, the compact pizza oven that packs a big punch in a smaller package.


Alfa Classico 

Alfa Classico 2 Pizze Pizza Oven

 With the size and shape of the Alfa Classico, your cooking process will mimic more closely to traditional brick oven pizza. So, you'll feel like a true Italiano Pizzaiolo.


Honorable mention: Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven

Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven

The Yoder Smoker Wood-Fired Oven attachment is an incredible contender in the pizza oven world. With the power that a Yoder Smoker grill can produce with pellet fuel, we had to put it somewhere on the list. In fact, we need to put the smoker on most "Top" lists.



The Ingredients

 Of course, you'll need the most authentic ingredients you can find for the best pizza you can make. Click here to read our blog post, Where to Get Ingredients For Homemade Pizza in Calgary, GTA, Vancouver, and Montréal.

 Live in the GTA? You can find more options by going to Denninger's website by clicking here.

The Recipes

Although part of the fun with pizza is being able to break the norms and get creative, a little direction doesn't hurt. Click one of the recipes below to get started:

Classic Pizza Recipes for Home Made Pizza


 The Accessories

 By now, you have a lot of the main components that make a delicious homemade pizza. However, as they say, you'll need to use the right tools for the job." From pizza stones and pizza peels, to mezzaluna cutters and infrared thermometers, we have what you need. Click here for our full selection of pizza accessories

Stainless Steel Pizza Peel


The Technique

You'll enjoy your pizza oven and accessories for years due to their durable construction. Plus, the memories you'll make with the kids in your backyard pizzeria will last generations. That being said, let's get you a head start so you can look like a pizza pro in front of the kids. Click here for 6 Tips for Better Crust on Homemade Pizza.

Kid Making Homemade Dough for Pizza

Click here for a few more tips and tricks by Gozney. 


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