Series Review: Napoleon Prestige PRO

Napoleon Prestige PRO Review


If you're in the market for a top of the line barbecue that's Made In Canada, built for Canadian winters, features top of the line heavy-duty parts, and sears some of the best steaks you've ever had, you've come to the right place. Previously, we've reviewed some of the most popular barbecues, such as the Napoleon Prestige 500 series, the Weber Genesis II CSE/CSS series, and the Broil King Regal SeriesNow, we want to loop back to highlight the next step up from the Napoleon Prestige, enter the Napoleon Prestige PRO series. 

Napoleon PRO500RSIB | Barbecues Galore


The Options

With the Prestige PRO series, you have three different sizing options that you can look at.

The Prestige PRO500 looks similar to the Prestige P500 series, with a few (major) upgrades, while the PRO665 and PRO825 offer a larger cart footprint, as well as some extra features.

Napoleon PRO665RSIB | Barbecues Galore

The Exterior

Beginning with the mesmerizing, beautiful, and jaw-dropping exterior of the barbecue, the stainless steel used on the doors, shelves, and lid is made from high quality #304 grade. #304 stainless steel is considered higher grade and better quality compared to its #430 counterpart, commonly found on less expensive barbecues. This is because #304 stainless steel contains about 8% Nickle, which is extremely rust resistant (and magnetic). This adds years of life onto your barbecue, so you can keep on grilling.

A grey galvanized steel cart makes for an extremely durable, long lasting build, while the dual-walled cast-aluminum cook-box retains heat exceptionally well, making it perfect for cold Canadian winters. The control panel features Nightlight™ Knobs with Safetyglow, meaning your control knobs are lit when they are off, but change to red to indicate the burner is currently running. Now an upgrade over the prestige version is that your control panel can sort through a rainbow selection of colours, compared to just blue. 

Other features included on all PRO models compared to the original Prestige 500 include an ice bucket and cutting on the right side shelf and slow closing doors. A bottle opener, cap catcher, and lastly tool hooks are also featured on the inside of your doors.

Napoleon PRO825RSBI | Barbecues Galore

The Guts

Now on to what we really want to talk about - the hardware inside the barbecue. All 3 models of the PRO series feature upgraded 9mm stainless steel grills, stainless steel burners and flavourizer bars (All #304 grade by the way). Also featured are rear and side infrared burners. That means you get some of the best rotisserie chicken, and seared steaks of your life. Interior oven lights make night time grilling a pinch, while the stainless steel warming rack keeps things warm and toasty.

The Extras

Providing you move up to the PRO665RSIB or PRO825RSBI, you get a few extra features (along with a much bigger grill and more burners). Featured is an integrated wood chip smoker tray and additional tube burner, specifically designed to give you a smoking option while you cook as well. The PRO825RSBI also features an additional lid, giving you the option of an additional cooking surface and temperature control.

Napoleon PRO500RSIB | Barbecues Galore

The Finale

Now, if you're not totally sold by any of the three equally amazing Napoleon PRO models, each unit is backed by an exceptional limited lifetime warranty. Yeah, you read that right. You can expect to grill on one of these units for the next 15+ years. So get your kids grilling now, odds are they might get this grill after you. Overall, this series is a fan favourite of customers and staff, and odds are it'll be your next favourite too.

If you have any more questions regarding the Napoleon Prestige PRO series, ask a question in our websites chat feature, or visit any of our 5 locations across Canada to talk to an expert. We have two locations in Alberta with our Calgary North and Calgary South locations, as well as 3 across the GTA: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario.



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