The Maverick STAKE Thermometer

Maverick Stake Wireless Thermometer | Barbecues Galore

In the market for a new thermometer? Seemingly endless options have you hopelessly flipping back and forth between options? Well, we're here to tell you Mavericks new fresh off the press STAKE wireless probe thermometer is an absolute beauty.

The truly wireless food thermometer is the new craze on the market, with a wireless probe that stays entrenched in your protein for the duration of the cook. No more fiddling, crimping, or shorting out wires leaving you left thermometer-less for that uber important family roast. (We know how stressful hosting family can be!)

Marverick Stake Thermometer | Barbecues Galore


But how do I know what temperatures I'm grilling at without any display or hub? 

One of the things that makes the STAKE such a hot new BBQ accessory is the fact that it's an individual probe with no attaching "hub" to monitor, or built-in display. You can trace and track your cooks through Marverick's "STAKE" app, which seamlessly pairs up with the probe to show you your cooks progress and temperature.

Designed with food-grade stainless steel and an ultra durable heat resistant ceramic handle, you can tell this probe is well made from one end to the other (can you say head to toe?). Powered by a super-capacitor - not to be mistaken for "Back To The Future's" Flux Capacitor - that safely stores enegry in high heat conditions, you can get up to 4 hours of battery on a two minute charge (mic drop!).

Maverick STAKE Thermometer | Barbecues Galore

But what if I'm cooking more than one piece of meat?

Not to worry, you can connect up to 8 STAKE probes to your app, with customizable names so you can never lose track of your cooks again! Have 3 different guests that like rare, medium, and well-done steaks? Not to worry (although maybe worry a bit if you have someone who likes a well-done steak) as you can track all 3 separately.

The STAKE probe can handle temperatures up to 572°F for extended periods of time, so it can even handle most searing temperatures. 

Included in the Maverick STAKE box is the probe itself, charging case, USB charge cord and a quick instruction booklet guide. Once you're all set up, BOOM, never mess up a cook again.

Think you're ready to try out the Maverick STAKE? Or maybe you want to take a look around the rest of our selection, not to worry! You can shop in-store or online with Barbecues Galore. Check out any of our 5 locations across Canada. 3 Locations throughout the GTA in Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario. We also have 2 locations in Alberta with our Calgary North and Calgary South locations.

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