What You Missed At Barbecues Galore

We Are Stuffed. 

One thing's for sure: you can't say we aren't well fed. 


Two teams at our Calgary North store kicked off the summer by battling out for the best burger on National Hamburger Day. We left it up to Mike O. to make the deciding vote, but let's hear your thoughts first. If you missed our poll on our Instagram, @BarbecesGalore, decide now. 

May 28: National Hamburger Day 

Do you favour a thick beef patty stuffed with cheese and Triple Smoke's Butchers Blend seasoning, topped with avocado and fried egg, smothered with chipotle mayo and coleslaw, touched with grilled onions and completed with mac and cheese? 
Or are you more partial to a double patty take down with gooey egg yolks, crispy bacon and crunchy lettuce, Triple Smoke's pickled chiptole seasoning paired with a smokey barbecue sauce and finally a sweet and spicy side dish of stuffed jalapenos? 


Hard choice, we know, we had to eat and re-eat just to decide.
Stay tuned for our full video on the masters at work.

June 1: NIKU Farms and Big Green Egg Etobicoke 

Jake from NIKU farms, an Ontario-based subscription box that delivers ethically raised meats from local Ontatio farms joined our Big Green Egg demonstration at our Etobicoke location to grill up some mighty and filling samples for our customers.
Read more about the work NIKU Farms does here: NIKU Farms Blog Post 

June 7: National Donut Day 

Another day another national obligation to eat something delicious. We aren't complaining. Our Ontario stores got creative and made hickory smoked cinnamon buns for staff. Donut or not, we think everyone was pretty happy.

June 8: World Wide Knit In Public Day Calgary North 

We were in the presence of knit masters when the the World Wide Knit In Public Guild - Calgary Chapter visited our Calgary North store and put together knitted treats - good enough to eat, but the flavouring was slightly off... 

June 8: ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen

Did you stop by our booth at the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen's BBQ and Backyards Fathers Day market?

We were in attendance, as was our array of specialty sauces, spices and seasonings. Barbecues Galore hand-picks their seasonings and of course we taste test too - many of our edible products are locally sourced, from Canada or from barbecue capitals like Texas. So you know they're good if they're from Texas, but hopefully you got to try a few anyhow.

We featured favourites like Blues Hog's Honey Mustard Sauce, House of Q's Sugar and Spice Sauce, and Cluck and Squeal's All Purpose Seasoning among other hot sauces, sweet sauces, popcorn pairings and the perfect steak marinades. 

June 15: Crown Verity with Matthew Zagarrio In Etobicoke

Matthew from Crown Verity was serving up some Hot Stuff over the weekend...the pizza we mean, it was hot. Our partners are regularly on-site serving our customers with mid-day shopping snacks on many of our products - keep an eye and a well-trained nose out for them. 


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