Why Choose Gas Grills?


They heat up quickly. 

Just a few minutes and you’re good to grill. Because who wants to wait when there’s meat to be made & munched?


They’re easy to maintain.

Fun fact: gas grills don’t use charcoal!

While you do need to do your due diligence in keeping the key parts clean, there’s a lot less mess this way.


Choose easy-to-refill tanks, or get gas from the source. 

If propane is your fuel of choice, getting more is an easy matter of refilling or exchanging your portable tank. 

With natural gas grills, getting fuel means simply using the gas line in your home.

Don't have a gas line? Our team of studly, licensed installers can install a gas line for you.


They’re great for beginners.  

The speedy heating, minimal maintenance and overall straightforward mechanics make gas grills a no-brainer for first time barbecutionists.





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