Assembly Service

Our "Made-To-Order" assembly package ensures we build a barbecue specifically for you, the day before your pick-up or delivery.  Our expert builders produce only the best and most pristine barbecues in all the land.  Could we build a surplus of barbecues before hand and just pump them out like candy? Sure, but that's not us.  We make sure every individual barbecue gets the love and attention it deserves. 

Once your barbecue is built, your builder then takes it through a rigorous inspection phase where we work on the following.

  • Test-Fire phase where every burner is ignited to make sure every part is functional (gas models only)
  • Leak test all connections making sure the unit is safe for you and your home (gas models only)
  • Go through a "check list" where we look for scratches, dents, dings, loose parts or any other thing that might have slipped by the initial process (You get this check list with your barbecue too!)
  • One more look-over by a senior builder to ensure everything is just right for you!

Looking for patio furniture assembly? We do that too!  Regardless of whether its a full assembly or just getting rid of the plethora of garbage and wrap that comes with it, we can get it ready for you!  Our patio furniture goes through the same inspection process as our barbecues.  Although we may do a seat test as opposed to a leak test, you know, to make sure those cushions are nice and comfy for you. (We tried to make it a nap test but that didn't fly).

 After your products are built, inspected, tested and ready to go, we place a bag over it with your order tag so we know that it's specifically for you!