Barbecues Galore – We’re Experts in Barbecue Supply and Barbecue Maintenance

If you’ve never done any outdoor cooking before, it’s possible you don’t know how much detail goes in to making the perfect grilled meal. But chances are, if you’re looking for barbecues in Calgary or barbecues in Ontario, you already know this. And chances are, you already know that the best gas barbecues and the best barbecue service in Canada comes from Barbecues Galore.

When we decided that we’d be all about barbecues, our knowledgeable staff became experts on all of the barbecues, parts, and accessories we stock. We know the lines we sell inside and out. But our staff wasn’t happy with that. So over the years, we’ve become experts in all facets of barbecue supply and Barbecue maintenance, so that when our customers come to us with a question – no matter how big, we’d know the answer.

We can tell you about everything from barbecue care to propane and other fuels to creating flavours in your grilled food. That’s a lot of knowledge. For all your answers about barbecue supply, barbecues, parts, and accessories, barbecue maintenance, and more, come and see us at Barbecues Galore. Our Barbecue IQ is through the roof.