Big Boy BBQ

The Story

Big Boy brand was born in 1980, so no, he is definitely not a millenial. It originated as a portable aluminum barbecue and has steadily grown into one of the most reliable barbecue accessory and charcoal brands to date. Much like the first Big Boy product, each of these products are tried, tested, and proven to perform with quality and durability.

Wondering who the Big Boy is? Well, long story short, he's just your average, grumpy, hardworking, "my way or the highway," type of man. He knows what works, and he's loyal to what works, and what works is product by Big Boy. Big Boy is durable and it always does it's job right.

 Big Boy Brand at Barbecues Galore
Big Boy Kamado at Barbecues Galore  

The Products

Big Boy has a history with charcoal products but now offers a wide range of barbecue accessories for any type of griller. Big Boy first built its reputation off barbecues. After the first Big Boy barbecue in the '80s, we ventured on to Kamado-style barbecues. The Big Boy Kamado was a hit and it came in a few sizes. It performed just as well as it's competition, you know, the red one and the green one. The main difference the Big Boy Kamado had compared to it's charcoal grill counterparts is the price. Big Boy's products are high performers with low prices. 

The Charcoal

With Big Boy's most popular products being charcoal-grilling related, Big Boy only thought it was natural to have it's own bag of charcoal. The charcoal is unlike any other. The chunks are extra large pieces of South American wood, specifically from Argentina. When we say extra large, we mean you'll find chunks in the bag that may as well be still classified as "logs." If you want to get even more specific, Big Boy charcoal is a blend of these hand-selected, natural hardwoods: Guayacan, Mistal, Guayaibi, and White Quebracho. Not only is Big Boy charcoal competitively priced, the bag itself has 2 LBS MORE than the average bag of charcoal, at 22 lbs. Learn more about Big Boy charcoal and how to buy your own bag by clicking here.

Big Boy Charcoal 
Big Boy Charcoal 

Innovative Accessories

Not only can you get top quality charcoal at the best price with Big Boy, you can also get the best grilling and cooking accessories. Big Boy strives to offer thoughtful, enjoyable, and easy-to-use accessories to make your life better. From informative silicone side shelf mats, to top notch rectangular pizza stones, and more - Big Boy barbecue and kitchen accessories are worth a try. Check out our selection of Big Boy accessories here.