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Crown Verity solves your problems through premium craftsmanship. Whether it's their grills, or anything else they offer, everything is built to outperform and outlast your wildest expectations.

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Crown Verity has allowed professional chefs and at home cooks alike to showcase their best for over 30 years, and they only continue to evolve.

Us pitmasters at Barbecues Galore admire high quality food, which is pretty obvious if you look at our Food for Thought Blog. And to nobody's surprise, Crown Verity produces some of the best food possible, with their conveniently innovative outdoor built-in kitchens.

On those rare days when we get our perfect Canadian weather, you shouldn't have to step inside for anything. Store, prep, cook, and clean all while basking in the sun on your patio. If you're soaking in that Toronto weather by the lake, or maybe you're a Calgarian lover of AAA Beef, then you'll want to experience Crown Verity for everything that it is because a chef can only be as good as their kitchen.

Test your skill with all the grilling, broiling, baking, and rotisserie functions you deserve. Barbecues Galore is proud to offer the Crown Verity brand and their brilliant outdoor solutions at all five of our locations across Canada. Shop modular grill components, barbecue accessories and patio furniture at our stores in Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington and Calgary.



Made in North America

Trust Worthy Product

All Crown Verity products are proudly made in North America, at their Canadian and US facilities. Supporting Crown Verity means supporting the North American Economy.

Assembled and Tested Twice

Applicable products will come to us assembled and tested by Crown Verity - of course, nothing gets shipped unless it satisfies their high standards. Not only that, before every barbecue leaves the doors of Barbecues Galore, our experts will do a final test fire to double check the quality of all components. We're talking checking for scratches, having our experts leak test the grill, everything.

Crown Verity Outdoor Kitchen Built In Grill Infinite Series at Barbecues Galore

Best Warranty on the Market

Crown Verity backs up the quality with a Lifetime Warranty on most of the main components of their grills, including: The stainless steel grill body, stainless steel gas burners, and the cooking grills are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship when subjected to normal domestic use and maintenance for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Other components are backed by Limited Warranties are also available; click here to check out Crown Verity's warranty policy.

We take pride in carrying luxury brands like Crown Verity because we know it's not just about the commercial grill. These machines are a vessel to facilitate the best memories with family and friends you'll ever have, or maybe the beginning of your successful restaurant; whatever it is, we're happy to be the ones to provide you with the Crown Verity experience.


  • A Worthy Investment: Every grill is crafted from the highest quality materials, making an 18-gauge 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish. An investment that was quite literally built to last.
  • Customize with Ease: Options for add-ons are endless. From storage and side burners to sinks, rotisseries, and griddles, everything is available for you to construct the grill of your dreams.
  • No Flare Ups: Every grill comes equipped with a pullout water tray that catches grease and cools food when it drops. You NEVER have to worry about flare ups.
  • Durable for Life: Completely weatherproof. Each grill is made with the best stainless steel materials to ensure it never rusts. To clean it, just take a pressure washer to it and watch it shine like new.
  • Cooking Grates: Stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance.


    Crown Verity Infinite Built In Series at Barbecues Galore

    • Configuration: Built-In
    • Sizes: Infinite series cook box dome is available in 30", 36", 42", and 48"
    • Ignition: Independent battery ignition system, so you don't even have to worry about electricity to get cooking.
    • Modular Grills: Comes with detailed, easy assembly instructions, so all you have to worry about is cooking.


    Crown Verity Infinite 2020 Full Outdoor Grill at Barbecues Galore
    • Configuration: Cart Grill
    • Sizes: Estate Mobile Cart cook box dome is available in 30", 36", and 42"
    • Sizes: Estate Mobile Island cook box dome is available in 36"
    • Cooking Grates: Cast Stainless Steel
    • Ignition: Electric spark, for a guaranteed light every time




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