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Outdoor Sectionals, Patio Sets, Chairs & Tables, Umbrellas and More!

With everything from single chairs to an entire outdoor living room set, Barbecues Galore has got you covered for all your blissed-out-in-the-backyard needs.

Barbecues Galore has been Canada’s patio experts since 1979, carrying top brands like Berlin Gardens, CRP, Mallin, Plank & Hide and more. We offer all of your outdoor living furniture and accessories with stores located in Calgary, Etobicoke, Oakville & Burlington.

Why Choose Barbecues Galore to Get Patio Furniture & Accessories

The perfect cookout takes more than the sights and sounds of a sizzling grill: a big part of barbecue culture is making sure you’ve got the perfect patio setup, from comfort seating to cool-evening heating. Our entire team is trained by experts to help you find the perfect outdoor setup for your home. Keep scrolling to learn more… 

Our Price Promise 

We offer a competitive promise to you. We’ll match any Canadian-advertised price on any identical product, so long as the store we’re matching has the product in stock and you have an ad to reference. We always have the lowest price and we try our best to do our due diligence.

Barbecues Galore
Barbecues Galore

Outdoor Sectionals, Patio Sets, Chairs & Tables

From single chairs to an entire outdoor living room set, Barbecues Galore has you covered for all your backyard bliss needs.

(Not that eating on grass doesn't have its merits, but we think that's best saved for picnics.)

Browse below to see a top selection of patio furniture from a range of quality brand names and find the right fit for your home-away-from-home-that's-still-a-part-of-your-home.

Market & Cantilever Umbrellas

We carry Treasure Garden umbrellas in a wide - like, Grand Canyon wide - variety of colours in both market and cantilever styles. 

Yes, there are less expensive umbrellas out there. No, there are not umbrellas that provide better value. We have committed to a large inventory of this year’s best & brightest styles and colours, so come in early for the best selection!

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