Where Do I Buy A Barbecue In Toronto?

Torontonians barbecue a lot in the summer. Who doesn't?
If you're a Toronto resident, a BBQ aficionado, or just a regular Joe looking to purchase a barbecue in the Greater Toronto Area then check out one of our locations across Burlington, Oakville and Etobicoke - you're already on our website, so just imagine how cool our stores must be. Barbecues Galore offers a number of products including barbecue parts, accessories and BBQ grills, but that's not all! We also sell a variety of different fireplaces and services such as gas line installations and fireplace cleaning and tune-ups.
Barbecues Galore Etobicoke Toronto Location Store Front

Why Should I Shop at Barbecues Galore?
Unfortunately, Toronto big box stores may not be your best bet for the best barbecue sale. Often big box stores have "big" sales, but while they may offer what seems like an incredible deal, it is always worth shopping around on big ticket items such as barbecues. A big box store's "deal" may not always be on the latest models, because they may not gotten access to the more superior or exclusive models of the same brand.

We swear we aren't just saying this to toot our own horns, or something of the barbecue bragging variety. It is simply fact that big box stores sell lower end barbecues in high volumes. This means they can sell at a low price, but will that barbecue be worth the money? Independent stores do get exclusive access to some higher end models and we at Barbecues Galore shop selectively with consumers in mind.

If you've already fallen in love with a specific barbecue on a sale for a steal, stop by our stores and ask about our Price Policy! Support your local backyard buds and buy your next barbecue at one of our stores and we will price match on the same model of barbecue within 14 days of purchase. We carry a wide variety of models and have a very well-rounded showroom to show you several brands and price points.

Check us out, because we may just have exactly what you didn't know you needed.

Another reason to shop local? 

We can't speak for every local barbecue shop, but we carry a very wide variety of Canadian made products and man are we proud of that. 

Not only are you spending your hard-earned money on hard-working Canadians and supporting Canadian businesses, but you can rest assured that your products are also fit for a Canadian. 

No we do not mean they are fit for plaid-wearing, Tim Horton's-cup-holding lumberjacks...wait that is kind of what we mean.

Canadian products are tested and perfected to run and thrive in Canadian seasons and there is not better feeling than knowing that your appliances will make it through the 9 month winter.  

Barbecues Galore experts ready to answer any questions relating to all things grilling and barbecuing.

How to shop BBQ's in Burlington, Etobicoke and Oakville
When shopping for a barbecue, Toronto consumers should consider price, available space in your yard and how many people you are cooking for on a regular basis. Unfortunately, no matter how interactive, informative and awesome our website is, you just can't always tell a lot about a barbecue  without seeing it in person. To make an educated decision, visit Barbecues Galore and have one of our experts help you envision your next dinner party. Did you know we are more than just barbecue connoisseurs? Some might even call us the Martha Stewart's of a barbecues... 

Although Toronto and its surrounding cities have other stores specialized in  charcoal, propane, and natural gas barbecue options, with parts and accessories, we at Barbecues Galore offer a much wider variety of higher quality items. We carry barbecues, smoker grills, pellet grills, and barbecue parts such as gas line tubes, burners, grills and accessories like cast iron and stainless steel utensils, pots, pans and more. Most importantly, we are experts. If you're looking to buy parts or accessories for your barbecue, a specialist who knows the industry well can help you choose.


Barbecue Butlers delivering a barbecue to another happy customer.

One thing that most big box stores don't generally have are barbecue product specialists who can help answer your questions and troubleshoot problems you may be having.