Who We Are

Okay, so maybe FASCINATING is a little over the top. But do keep reading because it's an interesting story. At least, we  think it is.

We started out as a distributor of barbecues to retailers around the country. But as their numbers decreased, we got serious about the retail business, ourselves. We were pretty sure that people – yup, people just like you – wanted a store with a really wide selection of barbecues. So our stores now offer the widest selection in town. Maybe even in the whole country. We figured you’d like the kind of service you get at a specialty store – but we also knew that you wouldn’t want to pay specialty store prices.

So we priced our products competitively.

Which means pretty much the same prices on the same models at that “tire” place or the “de-pot” and even the “wall” store. We loaded up on accessories, outdoor furnishings and all the things that make a store like ours a fun place to shop. Fun? Well, yeah. Not only will you find pigtails and hog dog rollers at Barbecues Galore; you will also find more varieties of wood chips and barbecue sauces than you probably knew existed.

Our staff had to become more knowledgeable than our competitors so now, they have the highest barbecue-IQ you’ll find.

Our customers tell us that our staff are a pleasure to deal with and frankly, we agree. But then, we are kind of biased.

Of course we stock lots of parts – for the barbecues we carry – and for many of our competitors’ barbecues, too. And if we don’t have the part you need, we often know where to order it. We figure that while you’re cooking up some good times with friends and family, it’s our job to reflect that same good feeling in our stores.

We’ve been growing since 1979 so we must be doing some things right.

Barbecues Galore is our company’s outdoor story. For the inside story, you might want to check out our fireplaces. We offer an amazing array of wood and gas burning models. Of course, we arrange for installation and help with all the details. After all, Woods Fireplaces have been warming up the temperature and enhancing the beauty of homes in Alberta and Ontario, for over 60 years.