Zero Clearance Gas Fireplaces

Zero clearance fireplaces are the perfect way to add warmth and design to your home during renovation or during the building phase. They are able to be installed in almost any space in your home thanks to their design and innovation. 

Zero clearance gas fireplaces are engineered so they can be installed up against combustible materials without the risk of catching fire. Except for the front!

Zero Clearance Fireplace Installation

The front of the fireplace is designed to radiate heat so make sure that only the back, top, bottom and sides are touching combustibles. Some may require metal studs and framing for parts immediately near the front of the unit. The front of the fireplace requires a minimum of 48" clearance to combustibles, including furniture and other home decor items.

Valor L3 Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace

Consult the manual for specifications and instructions, and always be sure to have your fireplace installed by a licensed professional - like us!. Sure, joining the DIY revolution may save you a buck or two, but it could result in you losing your home to a fire. Not worth the gamble if you ask us.

Fireplace Tip: Always read your manual before installing zero clearance fireplaces!

Thanks to these properties, zero clearance gas fireplaces can be installed in smaller spaces because they don't require as much space around the firebox. The installation is also a lot simpler and cost effective because you won't need to hire someone to install a hearth or do any masonry work - unless you want to of course. This means that once installed, you can enjoy your fireplace immediately! 

This is Phil, he just installed a Valor zero clearance L2 and is giving the homeowner the thumbs up that their fireplace is ready to enjoy. 

Barbecues Galore Fireplace Installer Phil installing a zero clearance gas fireplace

As with most gas fireplaces, zero clearance gas fireplaces have efficiencies of up to 70%. Far better than a traditional wood or masonry fireplace. Most of these units can be direct vented cutting down on venting costs and increasing efficiency by not requiring any air from inside your home. Everything comes in and out through the same venting pipe.


Gas fireplaces are a great way to add value to your home, enhance or update your decor and cut down on home heating costs. They're immensely customizable with a plethora of face plates and surrounds to create traditional or modern looks and everything in between!

Valor Horizon Series gas fireplace

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