Brander Cast Iron Twig Skewer Set

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Pretty much every skewer sold in existence is constructed from stainless steel, or some sort of cheaper metal. Get with the game and get a set of cast iron skewers!

With cast iron, any food placed on the skewer will cook much more efficiently. How? Well, the cast iron construction offers great heat retention, thus the heat will transfer to the food and cook it from the inside out. It's science people!

Also, they look like twigs (or wands), which definitely offers a +1 to the 'cool factor'. Yes folks, wands are actually super cool - they are NOT lame, got it? Just ask Daniel Radcliffe.


  • Set of 4 cast iron twig skewers
  • Cast iron construction offers incredible heat retention (it will assist with cooking the food from the inside out)
  • They look like twigs, but the small notches serve a great purpose - they won't roll around!
  • Remember to use oven mitts while handling - cast iron truly does get pretty hot!
  • Skewers measure 12.75" long

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