Natural Gas / Propane Hose - 3/8" x 20-Feet - CSA Approved

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Natural Gas / Propane Hose (CSA Approved):

Sometimes you just need a new gas hose.  Maybe a pesky squirrel or raccoon managed to gnaw and claw a hole in your current one, making it unsafe to use.  Maybe you're looking to extend your current barbecue hose.  Or maybe you've converted something from propane to natural gas, thus needing a new hose. 

Well the good news is you've come to the right place, and we're here to help.  Our natural gas / propane hoses are CSA approved, and come in a variety of sizes.  We also offer Complete Kits, featuring hoses and required quick disconnect fittings


  • Compatible for either propane or natural gas applications
  • Ideally used with any gas appliances such as barbecues, patio heaters, and more
  • Female flared threaded on one end and male pipe threaded on the other
  • Can be used with quick connect nipples and quick connect couplers
  • Brass Flared Coupler Fitting is required if you are looking to extend your current natural gas / propane hose
  • To make it even easier, we offer Complete Kits which will include the hose and any required quick connect fittings

To learn a little more about what we offer in our hoses and fittings department, just watch this quick video:

Alternative Sizes

You may also want to consider the following sizes for 3/8" hoses:

We also offer 1/2" hoses in similar sizes:

Hose Extension

  • Looking to perform a hose extension? Check out our blog post to show you the steps and parts needed!

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