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Treasure Garden CP699 Oval/Rectangle Table & Chairs Cover - Large

Treasure Garden CP699 Oval/Rectangle Table & Chairs Cover - Large


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Have you ever had the random urge to eat your dinner outside on your patio table, and when you walk up to your table, you find it covered in leaves, bird droppings, dust, and rainwater? Well we have. That's why we have these Treasure Garden Table and Chair Cover - a single cover that neatly goes around your whole dining set. It's not just a cover though. When you bring home a cover as good as this, you're also bringing home a sense of peace of mind and freedom because you'll never be caught starring at your patio furniture, with your dinner in your hands, wondering if it's even worth eating outside if you have to clean up Mother Nature's mess.

All Treasure Garden patio furniture covers feature RHINO Weave technology. No, it does not contain any actual rhino in it - it gets it's name from the animal because it's just as tough and majestic. So, it may not offer the same protection as a real herd of rhinos physically guarding your furniture, but it's guaranteed to protect them from the elements! Additionally the strong materials of the cover won't peel or crack like some cheaper materials do over time. Additionally, you get that extra bit of protection with the spring-loaded cinch-able lock that allows for a snug fit. Did we mention that it's also machine washable?


  • RHINO Weave technology delivers with top-notch protection
  • Features a sewn on pouch for simple and clean storage
  • Spring loaded cinch-able elastics allow for a tight fit
  • Water-resistant exterior ensures a dry dinner
  • Machine washable - nice try, pesky birds
  • Has 8 individual ties


  • 92” W x 128” D X 36” H