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The Maverick Stake Vs. The Meater

First there was Ali Vs. Frazier, then there was Ward Vs. Gatti, then Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao, now it's the next matchup you've been waiting for. The Maverick Stake Vs. The Meater. Both thermometers are built extremely well, and may appear to be the same to the untrained eye. We're here to outline some of the key features of both, so... Read more

UPGRADE ALERT: Valor G3.5 Gas Fireplace

The legendary Valor G3.5 gas fireplace is now upgraded to have a V-class burner and new fuel beds. What does this all mean? Read more on the Barbecues Galore blog, or stop by our showrooms in Burlington, Toronto, Oakville and Calgary to see for yourselves. Read more

Recipe of the Month: Sweet & Tangy Chicken Thighs with Memphis-Style Sauce (with Bonus Recipe)

Oh, is there anything better than saucy, sweet, tangy, grilled chicken? Well, sure there is. Let’s be honest, but it is pretty damn good; especially when you serve it up with a few of your favourite BBQ sides. We’re partial to a macaroni salad (the creaminess contrasts so well with the tanginess of the Memphis-style sauce) and some warm cornbread.... Read more

Brewery and the Beast

Brewery and the Beast

Brewery and the Beast is a pretty unique event - unlike anything we've been involved in before. They're taking the highest quality meats available, the best chefs in the city, and the best barbecues in the business and wrapping them all up into one afternoon of barbecue heaven.

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Weber Grill Academy

Join us in June for Weber's Mobile Grill Academy. They'll be in Calgary June 9th and 10th and Burlington on June 19th. Come learn things - and grill things!

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