Old School Barbecue: Firepits

Now we're talking old school barbecue. Real old school. Biblical old school: make a fire, then, cook over it. Not much control over your heat and it's a lot harder to turn 'off' than your Weber, but cooking over an open fire in the backyard is still a great way to grill your meal. Mind you, the backyard firepit isn't often about cooking anymore. It's about being outside with friends and family; eating, drinking, socializing and filling fragile little minds with the story of the "Goat Man" so that they don't sleep for the rest of the summer. To that end we've got lots of different firepits available:

Napoleon Propane or Natural Gas Fire Pit Insert

This Napoleon firepit comes in either a propane or natural gas model and puts out loads of heat. www.napoleongrills.com

Outdoor Great Room Propane or Natural Gas Firepits.

Firestone makes a whole series of funky, functional propane and natural gas firepits. www.outdoorrooms.com

Ball of Fire Wood Burning Fire Pit

Not sure why but this one is called - "The Ball of Fire"
The Revolver Wood Burning Fire Pit

The '
Revolver' turns into a stylish end table when it's not being used as a firepit.
Big Sky Wood Burning Fire Pit

The Big Sky firepits come with a variety of cutout shapes on the side and are complete with a safety screen on top.
Super Big Sky Wood Burning Fire Pit

Our Super Big Sky firepits are like the Big Sky models but are more "super".

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