Gas Inserts vs. Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplaces

Ever thought of converting your outdated wood-burning fireplace to something more efficient and modernized? It's easy... well, it is for our experienced fireplace service technicians

Gas Inserts:

Valor G4 Gas Insert Fireplace - Fireplace Installation Services by Barbecues Galore

Gas inserts are the perfect option for renovators or a homeowner who wants radiant heat and warm air in their home and are just not getting that from their current wood burning fireplace. This option is retrofitted into an existing wood-burning fireplace so that the cavity is reused with the new gas-burning fireplace. Typically, installing a gas insert in this situation is your least expensive option for installing a gas fireplace in your home.

An insert will produce a lot of radiant heat by heating up the space between the two metal boxes and emitting heat from its firebox. They are much more efficient than wood-burning and some options will come vented or non-vented. Typically this is mid-range price-wise and you will need an already existing chimney to install one of these. 

Valor's Legend G3.5 Gas Insert Fireplace

Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplaces:

There are two ways zero-clearances are usually installed. The first is during the framing process, where you or your architects plan ahead and install your zero-clearance fireplace during the homes framing stage. Next, you build the wall around it. 

Zero-Clearance Fireplace - Fireplace relocated in new spot in home

The second way zero-clearance gas fireplaces are commonly installed is in places where gas inserts cannot be done. Unlike gas inserts, zero-clearances are built into your wall and don't need an existing fireplace or chimney to be installed. So, we're able to use a portion of your wall to install the fireplace and vent horizontally, directly outside through an exterior opening in your wall. Vent-free gas fireplaces are also an option, which releases the safe exhaust into the room.

The great news is that both gas inserts and zero-clearance gas fireplace units do provide ample heat. However, generally a built-in zero-clearance fireplace will deliver more BTUs than a gas insert, but it will also be more expensive. In this case, you'll need to consider the size of the room you're heating up, which will influence how many BTUs you'll need. Click here to read our blog post, How Big Should Your Gas Fireplace Be?


Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

Do you already have an a existing fireplace? If your home already has a beautifully authentic, but drafty wood-burner, then you may want a gas insert for the lower price point. 
Is your fireplace for a home that's in construction? A zero-clearance fireplace is what you're looking for. 
Do you want to relocate your fireplace? A zero-clearance fireplace is your best bet. 
Got deep pockets without a tight budget? A highly customized zero-clearance fireplace that will increase the dollar value of your house is the way to go.

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