Replacing Your Fireplace Batteries

The cold weather strikes and like any human being with an interest in self-preservation, you seek out warmth. Luckily for you, you're the proud owner of a Valor gas fireplace!  


 As you reach for your remote, eager to turn on your fireplace, radio silence. Literally. Your remote and fireplace are not on speaking terms. What happened? Was there a fight? Is the receiver in the dog house? No, no, far less dramatic than that. Your batteries have simply died.  


Replacing the batteries in your Valor fireplace remote


The ValorStat remotes all take a 9V battery and the Valor Comfort Control remotes take 2 AAA batteries. Simply slide off the back cover and swap out the batteries.


Brand spankin' new batteries and the remote still own't talk to the fireplace? This means you will need to change the batteries in the receiver too. 


Valor Comfort Control Thermostat Remote

The Valor receivers can be found at the front of your fireplace behind the fret or trim kit. Just like the remote, remove the cover, replace the batteries, close 'er up and replace the trim kit or fret. 


You should now be ready to stay toasty and warm all Winter. This remote/receiver setup is part of Valor's "No power, no problem" fireplace technology. Even during a power failure, your Valor fireplace will be reliable.