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Valor Fireplaces and Barbecues Galore go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like Batman and Robin. Like Han Solo and Chewbacca. Okay, you get it. We’re the perfect pair. We have some of the biggest displays of Valor Fireplaces in our showrooms, and for very good reason. Valor has been in the business of warming homes for over a century and they are doing it right. They’ve got it all, gas inserts, the Portrait line (perfect for smaller rooms), linear, two-sided fireplaces, and even an outdoor fireplace.

A Valor fireplace will make your home better – guaranteed.

Valor prides itself on being a pioneer in the fireplace industry. They built the first fireplace to be certified by the Canadian Gas Association. In 1986, Valor designed and sold the first ever direct vent room sealed fireplace (translation: it truly heats your home) and it sure got Canada 'fired up'. They are also the manufacturers of the original radiant gas fireplace. Radiant heat warms the objects in your room as opposed to convection heating which blows hot air.

A Valor gas fireplace is a "No power, no problem" solution for heating your home. Unlike other fireplaces, a Valor fireplace does not require power to operate. With the radiant heat, there is no need for a fan to force the warm air. This means that when the power goes out, your fireplace doesn't have to, keeping your family safe and warm.

They also boast one of the largest turn down ranges in the fireplaces industry with a whopping 70% turn down ability, allowing you to efficiently heat the rooms you spend the most time in. By only heating the spaces you use, you reduce your central heating usage and costs.

They're built out of first-class materials, are as efficient as a Swiss railway and can be dressed up in a variety of styles that range from ultra modern to down-home. Most Valor gas fireplaces have a variety of trim and interior options to make your fireplace as unique as your home. Click on the brochure links to see the options available with each fireplace engine.

Valor Gas Fireplace Product Lines

Gas Insert Fireplaces: Ready to give your wood-burning fireplace an eviction notice? If you answered 'heck yes' then we have found your new tenant.

A Valor gas insert fireplace is designed to replace your existing wood fireplace or an old gas insert. Valor is Numero Uno when it comes to gas inserts. They are energy-efficient and offer the greatest temperature adjustment in the industry.

Nobody likes being told what to do. Based on this, nobody likes to be told what their fireplace look like. Valor gives you a wide selection of liners and trims to create the traditional or contemporary design that best suits your room.

Valor Gas Fireplace Legend G3

Features realistic logs and liners that will help you reminisce about the good old days with your old wood-burning fireplace while lowering your home heating costs. A win-win. No wonder the G3 has been one of our most popular inserts to date! 


Valor Gas Fireplaces Legend G3.5

Linear Fireplaces: Linear fireplaces are designed to add character and flare to a wide wall space. They are most suited for a room with contemporary design elements. This line offers three models, one of which is two sided so you can enjoy the same beautiful Valor gas fireplace in two different rooms.  

A ‘contemporary-ized’, (new word, look it up, you won’t find it – it’s that new) version of the Legend G3 with cleaner fronts and a larger viewing area. The G3 is roughly 316 square inches of mystic beauty, while the G3.5 is roughly 354. A little more fireplace to oooh-ahhh over. 

Valor Gas Fireplaces G4 Vintage Iron



The biggest Legend to date is the new Legend G4 with a 504 square inch glass front, giving you legendary radiant heat to warm your home.  

Valor Gas Fireplaces Retrofire Gas Insert

























Designed to replace existing masonry and factory built wood burning 

Designed to replace existing masonry and factory built wood burning fireplaces. Retrofire BrochureValor Gas Fireplaces L1 Linear

Clean lines show off the 'widescreen' effect of the 40-inch viewing area. Like a big screen TV with the fireplace channel on permanently.

Valor Gas Fireplaces L1 2 Sided Fireplace

Similar to the L1 but double sided allowing you to connect your living spaces and warm both rooms simultaneously with the same efficiency as the single sided.

Valor Gas Fireplaces L2 Linear

The 'Big Daddy' of the Valor Linear Series. An additional 10 inches of viewing area makes the L2 a magical addition to a large room that would otherwise look empty.

Zero Clearance Fireplaces: Zero clearance fireplaces are made for renovations or newly constructed homes. They boldly go where no fireplace has gone before. The L1 & L2 above are also zero clearance models but are unique enough that they needed a little spotlight on them. 

Valor Gas Fireplaces Horizon

Designed with energy efficiency in mind to keep up with conservation-focused individuals and organizations. That being said no style was forfeited in the process. The H4 and H5 have a more contemporary feel, while the Horizon offers traditional styles in addition. 


Valor Gas Fireplaces Ventana

The largest and most efficient Valor gas fireplace, the Ventana is made for your viewing pleasure with over 700 square inches of glass viewing area! The perfect fireplace for large open rooms. 











The Portrait is one of the smaller units that Valor makes but the variety of design elements to choose from is far from small. This unit will fit just about any space you want to put it - within reason. Portrait Brochure


Valor Gas Fireplaces President Freestanding


With a slender profile, the President freestanding stove leaves you lots of space for all your other room furnishings. Can be vented from the top or rear. President Freestanding Brochure

Valor Gas Fireplaces Madrona Traditional


Scandinavian inspired design with two style options - traditional or contemporary. Heat your room efficiently with radiant warmth that can be installed in any living space. Madrona Freestanding Brochure

Valor Gas Fireplaces Lift Freestanding


A combination of concrete, casting and steel for a truly contemporary design. River rock and firebed options let you make the Lift your own. Lift Freestanding Brochure.