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We all have a special place in our heart for Valor's radiant heat technology. It lies somewhere between the love for your family and the love for double-stuffed Oreo's (seriously, kudos to them for such an ingenious invention). But, you could never introduce that warming love a Valor gas fireplace provides to your outdoor patio... until now!

It's time to make room in your heart another ingenious invention - the Valor GV60CKO. We understand this means nothing to you, so we'll make it simple - the Valor Gas Fireplace Outdoor Conversion Kit. 

The Outdoor Conversion Kit brings Valor's incredible radiant heat technology to your outdoor patio. It can be used with a number of their gas fireplaces, including the L1, L2, L3, H4, H5, and the Portrait. Check out the Compatibility tab to see exactly which models the outdoor conversion kit can/cannot work with.

To learn more about Valor Outdoor Gas Fireplaces, simply refer to their brochure.


  • Brings the warmth of a Valor gas fireplaces to your outdoor patio
  • Utilizes radiant heat technology - the most efficient means of warming an area (no electricity or fans required!)
  • Simple to control and is entirely smokeless - an outdoor gas fireplace will burn 100x cleaner than a wood burning fireplace!
  • Safe to use outdoors where typical open fires are prohibited
  • Designed to shut down automatically after six hours of use - just in case you forgot (we imagine this will safe you a few pennies)
  • Electrical add-on's (including fans or lighting) cannot be used within a Valor outdoor converted fireplace
  • Not to be used with Valor's standard remote controls - instead, utilize their wall switches for greater efficiency
  • Weatherproofing the enclosure for the fireplace is recommended - keep it safe from the elements!


The Valor Outdoor Gas Fireplace Conversion Kit (GV60CKO) will work with the following Valor Gas Fireplaces:

  • L1, L2, and L3 Series
  • L1 2-Sided Series (cannot bridge outdoor to indoor - must only be outdoor)
  • H4, H5, and H6 Series
  • Horizon
  • Portrait ZC (Zero Clearance)

NOTE: The Outdoor Conversion Kit can work with Valor's HeatShift™ System (so now you can introduce a television to your outdoor patio as well!)

Unfortunately, the Outdoor Conversion Kit will not be able to work with Valor's following models:

  • Legend G3, G3.5, and G4 Series 
  • Ventana Series
  • Madrona Series
  • Retrofire Series

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